College Funding

As The HEFAR Group, a non-profit company, we are Certified College Planning Specialists helping to make college affordable for families of college bound students by helping families qualify for more financial aid. We do college planning specifically geared toward lowering the family's out of pocket expense and increasing eligibility for financial aid. Even more importantly, we create a strategy to pay for the reduced out of pocket expense so paying for college is not such a heavy burden!

You must start planning early to get all of the free money that you are entitled to so we focus on families with high school juniors and seniors. With college just around the corner, now is the time! Regardless of your income, assets, or home equity, you can get the money you need to send your child to college!

We present workshops at financial aid nights around the Valley to educate families about the financial aid system. You can beat the high cost of college by doubling or even tripling your eligibility for financial aid! You just have to learn how! If you would like to attend an upcoming workshop, to learn how you too can pay for college without going broke, simply visit the Contact Us link above to reserve a seat. Reservations to these workshops are free, but seating is limited so be sure to reserve a seat early!

Learn what you have to do right now to make sure you get every penny of FREE MONEY available to you for your child's college education. To schedule a FREE consultation to learn more, or to find out how much additional FREE MONEY you can qualify for, call our office to schedule a free appointment with an Advisor or visit our website at