Christopher Ordway, MBA

Christopher Ordway, MBA


Chris manages the operational functions of the business and has a passion for maintaining the high standards he has created for the company.  He is directly responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts on the financial planning, investment management, and mortgage components of the firm’s services.  His ability to take ownership of the coordinating efforts between the different aspects of the business is apparent at all levels.  Each client’s objectives and goals are paramount to him as he crafts the individualized and transparent financial plans he delivers.

Chris has spent the last 18 years in finance, starting San Tan Financial (now STF Wealth Management) in 1999.  He founded The HEFAR Group in 2010, an entity that is dedicated to education in the financial aid field.  In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law from Seton Hall University, Chris also completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.  

Always an engaging public speaker, Chris is frequently requested to host and contribute to various events.  One of his greatest passions is helping the public understand the financial aid process and how to garner the largest scholarships and grant funds for their child’s education.  While this is usually one of the larger expenses a parent will take on, it also comes at a time where they are likely close to retirement.  He truly believes that it is critical to have a well- rounded plan to be able to pay as little as possible for college, while not sacrificing other retirement and financial goals.

Chris enjoys writing on financial topics, particularly on how to identify and solve deep-rooted emotional issues when it comes to personal finance.  He published a book in 2009, titled Reveal the Rockefeller Within.  The goal of this book is to help people understand their relationship with money, enabling them to take the next steps to solve their various issues surrounding the topic.

He resides in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and frequently travels to the San Diego, California office.  Chris lives an active lifestyle, and spends his time working out and playing basketball.  In fact, if he wasn’t a financial advisor he would like to be a personal trainer to help others in a different capacity. He is a passionate fan of college and professional sports, rooting for the Seton Hall Pirates and Arizona Cardinals.  In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, playing the piano, and producing educational videos on financial topics.

Chris also volunteers as a foster dog parent from the Weimaraner Dog Rescue, has been a Big Brother for the Big Brother Big Sister Program and is always on the lookout for volunteer opportunities to help children with cancer.


CA Insurance License: 0L92918