Patti Jones

Patti Jones

College Funding Advisor

Patti first joined our team in 2012. Helping our clients fully understand the complete financial aid process is Patti’s top priority, as is guiding them through the college funding and financial aid process. One of the reasons that Patti became a College Funding Advisor was the desire to help simplify the process and calm the confusion that many families face when making the decision to go to college. Patti specializes in creating relationships with the families she works with by listening to their needs and concerns regarding the financial aspect of attending college and how that will impact their family and future.

Finding solutions to parent and student concerns is vital to Patti and the College Funding Advisory Team. The team cohesiveness is an integral part of our firm and a large part of why Patti loves her work here (that and celebrating obscure holidays like National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!). What drives Patti and the team is the satisfaction that comes from helping so many families realize that their dream of furthering their children’s education is not out of reach.

Prior to joining STF Wealth Management, Patti spent 5 years as an advisor for a retirement planning financial firm in Phoenix, as well as running her own company. Throughout her career as a retirement advisor, she was recognized several times for her devotion to the client and their needs and for being a vital asset in growing the firm. While she enjoyed working with retirees, she has a passion for helping families who are determined to give their children a college education.

Patti is a native Arizonan with a deep love for exploring all things Arizona (Tonto Natural Bridge is one of her favorite spots to day trip). When she is not working, she loves spending time with her 2 children, Mandi & Christopher as well as her new daughter-in- law, Jenn. Family and friends, a passion for cooking and music is how she likes to spend her free time.